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Home Comforts

To spend more than a day or two exploring in comfort, you'll want to install some of the things we take for granted at home but which become luxuries out there in the wilds! The examples here show the most popular layout. Depending on how you plan to use your campervan, we can discuss the best design for you.

Sink, hob combos

Commonly fitted, these high quality Dometic units can be plumbed into onboard gas and water supplies



Onboard fresh water and waste tanks can be installed under the sink for space efficiency and ease of filling/emptying. Underslung tanks can be added as an option


A Classic Theme

This example, in a long wheel base vehicle, was chosen for its modern, clean look and classic appeal


Rock n Roll Beds

By no means the only solution but by far the most popular, providing 2 or 3 belted seats and a good night's sleep. We only fit M1 tested beds.



The Campingaz 907 bottle is ideal for even a fairly long adventure and refills are stocked extensively. All our gas installs are to current safety regulations and thoroughly tested by us.



High quality furniture is a must in terms of durability, practicality and added value. We have partnered with "Majestic Wood Designs" to offer the UK's best quality furniture.


Focus on Function

This example, in a short wheel base vehicle, was chosen for to emphasise the 'go anywhere', adventurous feel of the project


Rear Seating

Your rock n roll bed also provides the rear seats. These come in 2, or 3 seater widths around which the side furniture is designed to fit.

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