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From our rural workshop in East Lothian, the VanHux team work with discerning van owners to design and build truly exceptional and personalised VW camper van conversions.
We use our knowledge and experience, together with a carefully selected supplier base, to deliver the "wow factor" your investment deserves.

We will spend time taking you through the many options available - colours, materials, layouts, equipment - to create a camper that will be of the highest quality and with a professional finish that sets our builds apart.

Take a look through the photo library to see some of the many projects completed by us.
If you want a van that will be the envy of others, message us to start the journey...

Getting you "out there"

Where will your adventure take you?

Get ready for the "Big Chill"

Explore all year round


Add versatility and value with an elevating roof

Home comforts on the road

Choosing a base van

If you plan to buy a VW van and have it converted to your specifications, you should read the blog post here

Explorer Information

How does VanHux work?

We are based in East Lothian and specialise in bespoke campervan conversions. We take your vehicle and work with you to design and build the van that works best for you. We use our experience and broad supplier network to deliver exceptional and unique conversions with you in control from the start.  We have a large workshop just outside North Berwick where you can safely drop your van off for the work to be carried out or where you can visit to discuss your needs in person (and in van!)


The big question! Why convert a VW van? Some quick answers:

  • You live in one of the world's most beautiful places, get out and experience it!

  • Unlike a traditional motorhome, you can use a T5/T6 campervan as your only vehicle.

  • Compared to a car, they are much more flexible and hold their value like no other.

  • Compared to a motorhome, you will have much less impact on your surroundings and take up less space.

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