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Electrical Systems

At the heart of any good campervan there is a leisure battery. These store energy taken from the vehicle alternator through either a split charge relay or a battery to battery charger.

The leisure battery then provides a 12v supply through a simple fuse/distribution board to lighting, auxilliary socket and appliance feeds. Properly designed with the correct fuse and cable ratings, these installs are robust, safe and relatively inexpensive.

Solar panels can be incorporated too. If paired with a good capacity battery, they can provide all the off-grid power you will need, even in Scotland!

240v electrical hook up solutions can also be added if you intend to use traditional campsites and want to run high load devices such as microwaves, hair driers etc.

Leisure Battery

A typical battery install showing the split charge relay that diverts spare alternator capacity to the battery while driving. In this case, mounted under the driver's seat.


240v Hook Up

Although becoming increasingly obsolete with the developing efficiency of 12v appliances and solar, a simple, safe 240v hook up supply can be installed if required



To become truly off-grid capable, a well designed solar panel system connected to a high specification battery management system will keep you in comfort wherever you go


12v Distribution

There is no need for complicated 'caravan' style power management units. A simple fuse board can feed all the circuits


Control Panels

Being able to isolate whole circuits is a good option, especially if the van will be unused for an extended period of time



Adding a 12v compressor fridge is a great option, even if just to keep the beer cold. Today's 12v units are extremely efficient and very quiet

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