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We supply and fit Planar heaters. These are powered by diesel fed directly from the vehicle fuel tank and have control systems for timed and thermostatic control.

There are many very cheap copies on the market but we would only recommend those made by recognised brands due to the potential risks from both heat and combustion gasses.

As with all the systems we recommend, they are a good balance of value for money, safety and quality.

They are most commonly fitted underneath the van by the driver's seat and feed warm air, very efficiently into the cabin. With one of these fitted, you can extend your adventure season right through winter when the scenery is arguably at its most dramatic.

If you have a habit of getting wet, you'll soon dry yourself out too.

Fuel Tank Feed

For ultimate convenience, the heater is connected to the vehicle fuel tank with a dedicated and safe conection


Warm Air

Here's an unusual internal mount in progress to give the van 'wading' capability. In 90% of installs it is mounted under the floor. Warm air is ducted into the cabin from the heater unit.



The combustion gases are safely vented towards the back of the vehicle, underneath.


Control Unit

The simple control unit allows you to set a desired temperature for thermostatic running or a time for the heater to start. Great for early starts on a winter morning!

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