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  The VanHux Story 

VanHux VW Camper Services


I've always been a VW nut. Ever since we discovered my brother's Beetle engine had been held in place, successfully, by a length of broomstick, I've had a passion for the solidity, craft and character of these vehicles.

I've owned, imported, broken, repaired and otherwise indulged my other passion for engineering in dozens of old and new VWs over the years.

My love of the outdoors, VWs and solving engineering problems comes together here in the VanHux project, where I share skills, experience and an ever-growing curiosity to help others enjoy the unique thrill of a journey that becomes an adventure.

I'll take genuine interest in your ideas and needs, taking time to guide you through the plan and execution of your project.

Giving Back
My Ethos

Having worked for many years in industry as an Engineer, it is great for me to be doing something that feels personal and meaningful while bringing years of experience to delivering quality work.


I'm interested in doing useful work and helping people. I care deeply about doing the best job I can and connecting with all kinds of people in the process.

I won't sell you anything you don't need for your perfect camper

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