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Pop Tops

Fitting an elevating roof is perhaps the most transformative of all the conversion options. Your van can easily transport 4, 5 or even 6 travellers depending on the interior layout but to increase the internal sleeping capacity, a pop top is the way forward. Fabulous for children as bed space but can also accommodate adults, they also open up the internal space, providing the headroom to stand and move around comfortably with the bed board in the upright position.

Probably the biggest single investment in the conversion, they pay you back many times in terms of practicality and also add value directly to your van.

We fit a UK buillt system from Kombi Kamp which is for me, the best compromise between cost, quality and safety.

Closed Position

This system compliments the lines and overall shape of the T5/T6. Some systems can look like ugly appendages! It also includes a full wind deflector rather than a simple rubber strip on the leading edge


Bed board

The bed board is very strong, providing a good space to sleep with the addition of a camping mattress.


Open Position

The roof lifts easily using gas assisted rams. Once up it provides a good extra space for sleeping and storage. It has a window to the front and a midge-proof vent panel to the side


Elevated bed board

The bed board is also on gas struts and easily lifts into its upright position to provide the all-important internal headroom

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