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Interior Preparation

If you want to enjoy the time you spend inside your van both travelling and staying overnight, you will need to insulate and line the interior. Apart from looking nice, this helps with:

Noise - a standard van interior is a noisy place when driving

Temperature - a metal box is no place to be when it's hot, or cold

Condensation - an uninsulated metal box will quickly run with condensation and ruin your morning!

Stage 1 Insulation

Self adhesive closed cell insulation is applied to all outward facing, internal surfaces. This also helps reduce panel vibration and hence noise. With this in place, there is no longer a problem with condensation forming


Carpet Lining

Special "4 way stretch" carpet is applied to the visible internal surfaces to make it feel warmer and more homely. This comes in a variety of colours


Stage 2 Insulation

Thicker "loft" insulation fills any cavities between trim panels and spaces in the van structure. This is specially chosen to avoid moisture absorption


Special Finishes

It's possible to introduce colour contrast by covering individual panels in a different colour or even a touch of luxury with a suede effect material

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