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VanHux 2022 - A busy year in review

Having moved into our custom designed workshop in 2021, we made the most of the extra space and facilities to motor through a long list of projects.

We had the pleasure of providing Sam with 6 months of work experience before he set off to study Engineering at universty.

The workshop now benefits from his thorough labelling of everything, including "The Carpet Dungeon" and "The Snake Pit" :-)

Here are some of the highlights:

Iain was one of a number of customers who chose to take a phased approach to their build.

In this fist phase, we insulated, lined out and fitted our favourite "Kombi Kamp" elevating roof system along with 12v electrics. Later in the year, we welcomed it back to fit a Planar heater

Lea brought their stately Renault Master to us for an extensive refit. We rarely take on projects like this, but the customers were so nice, we went for it.

Here, we designed and manufactured a large rear wardrobe and a side pod which housed a new fridge.

We fitted a new floor and extended the 12v system to provide more outlets where needed.

Paul brought us his twin slider kombi to transform it into a beautiful place to stay while working.

Unusually, he went for a short wheel base furniture install in this long wheel base van. This was to allow continued access through the second slider.

Carbon and steel was our most popular scheme in 2022.

David and family sourced a beautiful blue, long wheel base T6.1 to bring to us.

A great deal of thought went into the scheme which included "special press" Egger smoke blue furniture.

We also installed a RIB 120 Max 3 seater bed system to comfortably transport the kids.

Ryan's sporty T6 was transformed into the ultimate camper with all the best components and options added.

This is a real head turner on the outside but now complimented with a top quality and luxurious interior. One of our favourite vans to come out of the workshop this year.

Colin was another customer who chose to take a phased approach to his build, something VanHux is very happy to do.

The first phase included a Skyline Aurora roof, windows, 3 stage insulation, carpet lining and a lovely red floor covering. We finished things off later in the year with a full bed and furniture package.

Ian's kombi arrived with us with some of the very basic elements of a conversion already in place.

We were able to take this to the logical, and very stylish conclusion with a Kombi Kamp roof, Majestic Wood Designs furniture and a Fabworx bed trimmed to match new front seat covers.

Celebrity Clients!!!

Earlier this year, we had the good fortune to meet and spend some time helping Youtubers "Those Happy Days" - Liam and Jannine.

This started as a guided tour of East Lothian's finest locations and ended with providing some repair work to their faltering water system.

If you want the full story, look them up on Youtube.

Jonny's unusally coloured peppermint green panel van came to us for its first phase fit out.

With a colour coded Kombi Kamp roof system, a new floor, insulation, 12v electrics, led lights, a diesel heater and full carpet lining, he is all set to put it to use before the next phase is undertaken.

Dave and Caroline's beautiful Bamboo Green kombi gave us a great opportunity to fit "Fjord Green" furniture which is one of my personal favourites.

Now their work van becomes a luxury mobile hotel alternative featuring lithium power.

Finally, Dave and Fiona's stunning, new T6.1 was completely re-imagined as a fun but beautifully equipped camper.

For the first time, we fitted a bamboo worktop which is sure to become a customer favourite.

As a personal flourish, the roof is lined with a material sourced by Fiona.

Many thanks to all these and the many other customers who supported this wee enterprise in 2022. It means the world to us and we plan to build on another really successful year. Here's to 2023!

Jon and Jon

PS - if anyone would like us to address a specific aspect of the conversion process in a blog, please let us know and we'll do our best

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